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Natalya Zerka

Natalya Zerka - Viewpoint Psychology and Wellness - Natalya_Zerka

Practicum Student

Office:  248-669-9500 X 719
Email:  natalya@viewpointpw.com


Natalya is a practicum student at Viewpoint while earning her masters degree from the Michigan School of Psychology. She is interested in working with clients of all ages with any sort of challenges they might be facing. Natalya believes every person deserves to recognize their own strength to overcome difficulties and thrives being able to support her clients on that journey. She believes therapy is a team effort between the client and therapist that both parties can learn and grow from. Natalya has previously worked at Hurley Medical Center as a clinical subjects associate with Michigan Medicine. During this time, she conducted research on the relationship between substance use and aggression in adolescence and young adults in Flint. The study promoted mindfulness with the participants in hopes of reducing that aggression and building confidence in the youth of the community. Natalya graduates from her masters program this year, and hopes to continue on to a doctoral program in the Fall.

Viewpoints Response To COVID-19
  • Our offices will remain open to select clinicians. Sanitization will occur frequently.
  • We offer HIPAA compliant teletherapy in both audio and voice
  • We are providing 20-30 minute mini sessions for parents/children who need ideas and suggestions to cope with the crisis
  • We have expanded our team and response capabilities to ensure everyone who needs help has access to it