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Our Team at Viewpoint Psychology & Wellness

Lexi Smith, LLMSW

Office: 248-669-9500 X 826


Lexi is an ardent Child and Family Therapist with a Master's in Social Work, proudly earned from the University of Michigan. Driven by a sincere passion for guiding individuals of all ages through the intricate terrain of emotional growth, Lexi's journey is a tribute to her unwavering dedication. At the heart of her practice is an unyielding commitment to creating a safe and inclusive haven, where identities, sexualities, and cultural backgrounds are not just acknowledged, but celebrated. With a resolute vow to cultivate nurturing environments, Lexi aims to illuminate the path of therapy, making it transformative and enlightening. Combining the artistry of play therapy, art therapy, CBT, and DBT, Lexi crafts a dynamic treatment plan tailored to individual needs. Her expertise also extends to working with parents, adding depth to her collaborative approach. Lexi's Child and Adolescent Therapy focus ushers you into a captivating journey, where the robust resilience of young hearts aligns with the promise of early interventions. Together, you and Lexi will navigate challenges, co-creating strategies tailored uniquely to your requirements. The initiation of each patient's journey holds immense significance for Lexi, where trust acts as the compass through emotions, barriers, and personal growth. With trust as the foundation, Lexi seamlessly infuses lighthearted humor, elevating engagement while preserving impact. Lexi's role as a Clinical Child and Family Therapist embodies growth, positive influence, and the bridge of humor as a connective force. As you advance, Lexi artfully weaves a tapestry where smiles and progress converge, shaping a more fortified and vibrant life.


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