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Postpartum Depression Support in Commerce & West Bloomfield
A mother with her newborn child. Happy, but still a victim of postpartum depression.

Postpartum Depression Support

Postpartum depression is often a result of a woman’s hormone levels dramatically dropping after they have given birth.

One in every seven women struggles with anxiety and depression during pregnancy and after childbirth. Typically, a mild form of this may last about 3-5 days after the baby is born. However, there are some cases where the depression lingers past this “baby blues” period. In this case, you may feel flawed and unable to love your baby.

This empty feeling can affect every aspect of your life, leaving you with emotions of inadequacy as though you are unfit to be a mother.

Despite the negative feelings brought on by postpartum depression, you must remember that you are not responsible for the emotions you are having. Also, it is important to note that this is a mental illness to address as soon as signs of postpartum depression are recognized.

A woman happy with her baby after treating her postpartum depression.

Postpartum Depression symptoms include:

  • Extreme sadness or excessive crying
  • Low energy
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability or anger
  • Changes in eating or sleeping patterns
  • Withdrawal or even isolation from friends and family
  • Disconnection with your baby
  • Intense emotions of shame, guilt, or worthlessness
  • Harmful thoughts to yourself or your baby

These symptoms can continue for even up to a year after the baby is born. Proceeding without reaching out for help can be detrimental to you and your baby’s well-being. At Viewpoint Psychology and Wellness, we offer effective treatment for postpartum depression through psychotherapy for perinatal anxiety and depression. If you are unable to attend weekly sessions, we also provide teletherapy via video or voice chat to meet your needs at your convenience.

We understand that making the first call for help can be difficult. Women resist help for many reasons such as hoping it goes away by itself, fear that no one will understand them, adverse reactions, and more. It’s important to know that you aren’t alone and not the only one with these feelings. Treatment is available and can help with any of these feelings or unwanted thoughts.

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