Family Therapy & Couples Counseling in Commerce, MI

Couples & Marriage Counseling Commerce MI - Family Therapy | Viewpoint Psychology - teenViewpoint Psychology and Wellness is experienced in helping families and couples overcome conflict and improve relationship dynamics in a compassionate and neutral environment.

Family therapy is different than individual treatment in that all family members are the identified patient, as opposed to one specific individual. We know that each member of a family plays a specific role in their family's dynamics, and sometimes those roles become dysfunctional for the family, but it is not always easy to identify the problem.  A therapist is able to approach the family from a different perspective and identify the problem.

Out team is passionate about working with family members to develop healthy patterns in which to engage with one another.  Often sources of family concerns come from lack of effective communication strategies or support from one another, and we can help foster healthy communication and relationship dynamics that are crucial for a happy home environment.

Couples and Marriage Counseling

Couples & Marriage Counseling Commerce MI - Family Therapy | Viewpoint Psychology - coupleMaking the decision to come to Couples Therapy can be a very difficult decision for partners.  When couples come to us, they are often struggling with issues related to communication, money struggles, postpartum depression, intimacy issues, trust, infidelity, parenting issues, and more.  Couples that have come to terms with this form of intervention are asked to become vulnerable in their relationship, which is an uncomfortable place to be.

Couples Therapy involves a team approach in which the couple is asked to work together to navigate through their issues. Therapists are able to provide an unbiased and educated viewpoint and are able understand relationship concerns from a couple’s perspective. This makes the therapist an ideal candidate to intervene and help them begin to develop healthy and effective change.

For more information about our family and couples therapy services, or to schedule an appointment with one of our Licensed Psychologists or Social Workers, contact Viewpoint Psychology and Wellness today to speak to a member of our team.

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