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Speaking Engagements in Commerce & West Bloomfield
A women speaking at a therapy speaking engagement at Viewpoint Psychology & Wellness

Speaking Engagements

Viewpoint Psychology & Wellness offers a variety of special programs designed to help those in need.

Special programs are designed as a supplement to therapy and as an alternate therapeutic source. All Special Programs are led by our highly trained therapists whose primary objective is to empower/assist each client toward the achievement of their personal goals.

To schedule a Speaking Engagement or attend a Special Program please contact our team at (248) 669-9500 x750

Professional psychology speaker providing speaking engagement or presentation service by Viewpoint Psychology & Wellness

Request a Speaking Engagement or Presentation

Our knowledgeable and experienced practitioners are available to speak on a wide range of mental health and wellness topics.

Our team of Psychologists, Social Workers, and Licensed Professional Counselors are available to deliver valuable information in the form of presentations or speaking engagements on a diverse range of topics.

Frequently Asked Questions about Psychological Testing

Why someone would need/want this test/assessment?

Children may be referred for testing when they are having difficulty at home or school. Sometimes they may be showing disruptive behaviors in the classroom such as getting out of their seats, talking to their peers, or showing impulsive behaviors. They may also be having trouble paying attention to the teachers or completing assignments. When they do try to complete schoolwork, they may struggle with reading, writing, or math. This can sometimes be reflected in poor academic performance. Children may also be having trouble with listening to others and may not follow through when asked to do something at home or school. They may be struggling socially with their peers or with getting along with others in the home. They may be having difficulty communicating effectively with others.

Adults may seek out testing when they are struggling with completing the necessary tasks for maintaining the home, caring for themselves and others, and/or completing school or work-related tasks. They may find themselves easily distracted, have difficulty keeping organized, and have trouble getting started or following through on tasks. They may have trouble listening to others and keeping track of social relationships.

What are we looking for when testing?

When testing both children and adults, we are looking at cognitive functioning, memory, language and communication, academic functioning, executive functioning, attention, behavior, and/or emotions. We will perform testing in these areas to determine areas of strength and weakness and if a diagnosis (e.g., ADHD, Language Disorder, Specific Learning Disorder) is appropriate for helping direct treatment.

How can this be beneficial?

Once areas of strength and weakness are determined, recommendations will be given for addressing any areas where the individual needs support. These may include receiving accommodations through school, guidance for therapeutic goals, medication management, supportive therapies (e.g., speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy), and accessing community resources to help the individual thrive.

What are Common Reasons People Undergo Psychological Testing?

Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive assessments are utilized as a way to determine intellectual ability, academic or work skills, behaviors, and cognitive functioning. The results of the testing may help in determining a diagnosis and appropriate treatment of developmental, educational, occupational, medical, psychiatric, and cognitive concerns.

Referrals are commonly made for the following:

  • Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Educational Accommodations
  • Job Accommodations
  • Specific Learning Disorders (with Impairment in Reading, Writing, or Math)
  • Complex Medical Conditions
  • Language and Communication Disorders

Emotional and Behavioral Assessments

Parents, teachers, employers, or other health care professionals request emotional and behavioral assessments when a child, adolescent, or adult is struggling in school, at work, at home, or in peer and significant relationships. Emotional and behavioral assessments are also requested by therapists when starting a treatment or if they have a question about the individual regarding diagnosis or treatment planning. Emotional and behavioral assessments are also part of our comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations.

Referrals are commonly made for the following:

  • Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Interpersonal Difficulties
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Trauma
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