Group Therapy Classes

Group Therapy Classes - Viewpoint Psychology and Wellness - be-thankful-for-the-little-thingsMommyhood: A Parenting Support Group for Parents of Children Aged 2-5

Raising children is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.  As parents we often struggle through it feeling guilt and worry that we aren't being the "best" parents that we could be.  This group was developed to provide the support and guidance needed to feel like a successful parent in this day and age.  Potential topics for this group include; How to successfully navigate parenthood with your spouse, How to help your child when they are suffering with emotional stress, and How to be a healthy parent in 2018, with increased life stressors that can create depression and anxiety.  This is an ongoing group that meets weekly.   This group is led by Dr. Melanie Schwartz Psy.D.and Randi Murav LMSW. 

Raising Teenagers Successfully

An ongoing drop in support group for parents of teenagers.  This group will help you to navigate through the difficult teenage years successfully.  Topics of this group include; How to parent a teenage effectively in 2018, how to set limits around social media, the internet, and phone usage,  How to cope with the emotions of a teenager, How to navigate through your teens wanting more independence, How to cope with an empty nest, How to cope with depression and anxiety in teens, and How to support your teen through the college process.  This group is led by Dr. Melanie Schwartz Psy.D. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group

An 8-week group for adolescents or adults that teaches skills of Dialectical Behavior Therapy such as emotional regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness. These groups are led by Jennifer Saad LMSW. 

Girls Self Esteem and Empowerment Group

A 6-week girls group for ages 11-16.  Pre-teen and teen girls are extremely susceptible to poor self- esteem in our culture.  Poor self-esteem can lead to anxiety, depression, self-harm, missed opportunities and academic declines among other things.  The goal of this group would be to educate girls about their value, worth, strength, ability, and beauty while identifying possible root cause of their self-esteem concerns.  This group is led by Emily Otten LMSW. 

Love and Logic Education Series for Parents

Learn the parenting techniques of Love and Logic in a 6-week series with Nikki O'Donnell who studied under Jim Fay, the found of Love and Logic.  Nikki will take you through the basic ideas of Love and Logic and teach strategies that will help you to parent in an effective way. 

Grief and Loss Support Group

An ongoing weekly support group for adults that are grieving the loss of someone important.  Learn to grieve in a healthy way and move forward from the loss with the support of others.  Several therapists from Viewpoint Psychology and Wellness will lead this group. 

Pathways Toward Mindfulness

Do you find yourself thinking about life rather than experiencing the richness that life can bring? Most of what makes us sad or anxious usually involves the difficulty-the resistance-to the inevitability of change.  Please join us for a 50-minute session meant for people of all skill levels that would like to develop awareness and acceptance of what is going on in our lives.  Please wear comfortable clothing, chairs and mats will be provided.  This group is led by Maria Kottke.