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Deborah Schiffer, MA, LPC

Deborah Schiffer, MA, LPC - Viewpoint Psychology and Wellness - deb-white-background

Licensed Professional Counselor

Office:  248-669-9500 X 813
Cell:  248-924-1758
Email:  DSchiffer@viewpointpw.com



Deb Schiffer obtained her Bachelor’s in Communication from University of Michigan, and Master of Arts in counseling from Oakland University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She enjoys helping children, adolescents, and families reach their optimal health by developing healthier communication, enhancing safety, and managing their symptoms with effective coping strategies. Deb prefers solution-focused, and person-centered therapy that develops a partnership between the client and clinician where each may demonstrate integrity, and honesty. Her favorite aspect of working in Behavioral Health is helping each client find relief from symptoms that are causing them distress. She wishes to help them find insight, hope, and happiness, all while having a revelation; recognizing how they can take control and manage their own lives to bring optimal health and happiness. She believes individualized treatment and planning, combined with collaboration from schools, courts and other community providers, helps her to inspire children and families to develop their own therapy goals. “I bring 25 years of experience working with children, adolescents and families. I have managed symptoms of trauma by creating an open and honest communication space. So many behaviors are overwhelming to families, but once we uncover the difficulties with the ACE study, we can learn how to effectively manage coping with trauma”.

Viewpoints Response To COVID-19
  • Our offices will remain open to select clinicians. Sanitization will occur frequently.
  • We offer HIPAA compliant teletherapy in both audio and voice
  • We are providing 20-30 minute mini sessions for parents/children who need ideas and suggestions to cope with the crisis
  • We have expanded our team and response capabilities to ensure everyone who needs help has access to it