DIY Calm Down Jar- make and take

This fun and empowering class will help kids (and grown-ups) learn the value of mindfulness through hands-on DIY experience. Participants will create their own "Calm Down Jar" and learn multiple ways to use it! Learning to incorporate mindfulness practices into daily life can improve concentration/focus, increase stress tolerance and elevate mood. This class is part of Viewpoint Psychology & Wellness'  "Creative Coping for Kids" series.

Love and Logic Parenting Seminar

Parenting can be fun again! The Love and Logic Positive Parenting Solution created by Jim Faye is a world-renowned and powerful approach to parenting. Eliminate power struggles, improve accountability, increase self-esteem and strengthen the...

DIY Coping Kit- make and take

This unique and practical class will help kids (and grown-ups) increase their ability to utilize coping skills through a series of hands-on activities. These engaging in-class experiences will help participants learn their unique coping style- using...

Worry Warrior Seminar

Does your child struggle with anxiety? Help your child become a Worry Warrior! Psychologist Nikki O'Donnell, MA, LLP will provide parents with powerful tools to help their child overcome anxiety, develop coping skills and improve stress...

LACC 2019 Prevention Summit

LACC Youth Action Board Leader and Viewpoint Psychology served at the Youth leader for the LACC 2019 Prevention Summit where she empowered youth to have a role in helping build a vibrant drug-free.

Oakland Early College Program

Nikki O’Donnell, MA, LLP presents at the Oakland Early College Program, discussing brain and behavior hacks for improving productivity, resilience and time management.